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Does your content capture your audience?


As a business owner, you are too busy to create content that does not capture your audience’s attention.  You don’t create content just for the sake of creating it.  You don’t just spit out content just for the sake of having something to do. It has to lead somewhere, and this is why all your content has to call people to take a specific action.  Your goal in creating content should be to motivate people to either get in touch with you and ask questions, or purchase what you are offering.


bots for your business


This is why I suggest that you use the power of chatbots; in particular, Facebook messenger chatbots. One of the best things  about these chatbots is that they are inbound. They only kick into action once a person on Facebook clicks on the link, and their Facebook Messenger app opens. Once that happens, you merely have to position the right message in front of them.


Not only can you send them an automated response, but within that response, you can give them a menu of keywords or triggers that can then trigger a multi-topic discussion, that gets to the bottom of their problems. You have to understand that the only reason why people will try to get a hold of your brand online, is because they have problems.


Your customers are trying to solve something. They are trying to figure something out. They are unclear on certain things. When you make them feel that they matter enough for you to answer their questions, and for you to put in the time, effort, and energy to create a process for them, your brand stands out.  No one wants to wait for hours, days or even weeks for a reply.  This is why smart business owners take advantage of marketing bots instead of costly customer service agents and reps.


To most people bots seem like some sort of inbound customer support tool, but to the savvy business owner they can produce tremendous sales opportunities from problem solving.  When you position your business to be a problem solver for your customer, you create more opportunities.  You can automate the query it takes to solve the problem.


Create problems that solves problems and makes your brand stand out. Once your brand is positioned properly in front of your target audience, you can start to generate more leads and sales. Make your content consistent and helpful for your prospects, customers, referral partners and everyone else connected to your business.  Your ads should state the problem you solve and for whom you solve them.


Put your Facebook Messenger chatbot link prominently on your fanpage, website marketing materials and business cards. Grab your audience’s attention get more conversations going that create a positive impression in your audience’s minds. Your goal is to make them want to do business with you, refer more customers to you and spend more money with you.




When businesses don’t use the proper tools to help meet their audience’s needs, they lose their audience to someone else.  Please remember that just because you publish a lot of stuff online, doesn’t mean that you are building your brand. Don’t waste your time publishing junk when you can use Facebook Messenger Bots to create great content for your online audience.



Your customers were your first audience for your message.  Promote the results your customers are receiving instead of what you think your business is about.  Create messages and promotions that speak to your future prospects but don’t forget about your current customer base.  They are more likely to purchase from you again if they are pleased with the results they received from your business.